Reworld Media announces the launch of its magazine Tanin

PRESS RELEASE – 7 June 2021

Reworld Media announces the launch of its magazine Tanin

In news-stands Wednesday!

Just months after the successful launch of the magazine “Gueuleton”, Reworld Media launched a new title around life’s pleasures, conviviality and food: Tanin. It is a new face in the world of wines & spirits, with an innovative positioning that brings a totally different feel to this press genre. It is dedicated to all women and men who love good wine, beer and spirits.

Gabrielle Vizzavona*, a renowned speaker, columnist and journalist, is editor-in-chief. 

“Wine reviewed” like never before

Unique in its world, Tanin stands out at first glance and from its very first lines. 

The magazine combines cheerfulness, elegance, discovery and practicality with the desire to be the most enjoyable while playing an educational role. 

Tanin breaks with the codes and adopts a direct tone to address a knowledgeable reader, who loves good wine, but not only that, and who will appreciate knowing more about the whole ecosystem around it.

Paced by some thirty widely-varied sections, the magazine highlights the initiatives of young talents in the sector, its editorial team sheds light on major issues, reveals the penchants of personalities, travels through the vineyards of France and beyond, and sharing its secret tips…

Gabrielle Vizzavona, editor-in-chief of Tanin, a taster and speaker around the world, says: “We wanted Tanin to be a magazine guided by pleasure. We tell the story of wine through the stories of men and women, experiences, and recommend the best wines without forcing our taste on others. A magazine with a youthful spirit, it raises useful questions, speaks out freely and in-depth and builds real bonds with its readers, who are the stars of several of its columns. This 1st issue was a rich and joyful collective adventure, led by a sharp editorial team which, despite its great expertise in the area, makes sure to produce content within everyone’s grasp”. 

Sharing experiences, tastes, ideas and tips 

Tanin approaches wine from every angle… In this first issue: 

*A central feature report is devoted to Rosé, a wine that rhymes with summer, with the outspoken Stéphane Derenoncourt, renowned winemaker and consultant, and Éric de Saint Victor, winemaker and owner of Château de Pibarnon.

*For “label drinkers”, the editorial team went out to talk with Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, cellar head at Maison Roederer to find out all about Cuvée Cristal. 

*Tanin spent the day in the Northern Rhône with the renowned winemaker Jean-Louis Chave for the section “Unicorn Wines”.

*An extensive interview with Laurent Gerra, the widely-known and passionate actor. 

*Women wine-makers are showcased through a focus on their associations, as are wine-growers, whether descendants of wine-making families, or Young Sprouts.

The magazine’s flagship sections include “#winelover”, “It’s aperitif time”, “Wine tourism”, “Unicorn Wines” or “Three Tasters” [« #winelover », « C’est l’heure de l’apéro », « Oenotourisme », « Vin licorne », « Trois dégustateurs »,] for advice from 3 professionals on wines under €8.