Faustine Bollaert’s magazine “Entre Nous” in news-stands this Friday

Faustine Bollaert’s magazine “Entre Nous” in news-stands this Friday

Television programme host Faustine Bollaert joins up with Reworld Media to launch her own magazine, offering a feminine perspective on ties and emotion, called Entre Nous [Between Us], in news-stands from Friday 4 June. 

With an initial run of 200,000 copies, Reworld Media Group is intent on successfully establishing this new magazine concept on the very powerful women’s market in France. Faustine Bollaert illuminates the afternoons of France 2, bringing together more than 1 million viewers every day with her programme Ça Commence Aujourd’hui [It Starts Today] and invites numerous personalities to La Boîte à secrets [The Box of Secrets] on France 3. 

The programme host, who started out as a journalist, is thus returning to her first love and becoming the editorial director of this new magazine, 100% feminine, inspiring and positive.

Content that matches its muse

The new women’s magazine Entre Nous is innovative and in step with the times. Its ambition is to be there alongside women, through testimonials and expert advice on the many themes addressed. Every two months, readers will find out about individuals, renowned or less so, with life experiences from the singular to the fascinating or moving, which everyone can identify with and draw upon to better understand others. Motherhood, education, friendship, career and romantic relationships are just some of the topics which readers will be able to find in Entre Nous.

“I’m thrilled to be embarking on this new adventure, which struck me as self-evident: it extends from my previous programmes, yet also gives me the chance to return to what stirred me at the beginning of my career, namely the written press. I enjoyed every minute working on its creation, taking care to ensure that it would appeal to readers looking for sharing and genuineness. I will feature the subjects dearest to my heart through the journey of men and women, along with talents and experiences that are as captivating as they are inspiring. It is a feel-good magazine, upbeat and personal — all values which I hold dear, says Faustine Bollaert, editorial director of Entre Nous.

A genuine and positive magazine

The magazine will open with Nos 10 petits bonheurs [Our 10 Small Pleasures]: selected by Faustine, they will offer an upbeat introduction to the first issue, then re-emerge in all those that follow. In this first issue, Entre Nous will showcase…

The poignant story of Ninon, recorded by Faustine in the Grand témoignage [Key Witness] section. A young girl of 18, radiant and determined, follows the path of her desires despite recently falling blind.

A touching moment of intimacy in Le Grand Entretien [Headline Interview] with singer and actor Marc Lavoine, who speaks with modesty about age differences in romantic relationships.

From “As a Family” to “Out of Love”, “Out of Friendship”, “It’s My Health”, “A Whole World”, “Taking the Network Plunge” (En Famille, Par Amour, Par Amitié, C’est ma Santé, Tout un monde, Oser les réseaux…) … 20 life narratives, testimonials, sources for reflection and inspiration are offered.

The Psychologist’s Perspective: throughout the magazine, expert psychologists, coaches and Faustine contribute to explore in greater depth specific subjects such as Atypical Parents, The Power of an Encounter, and others. 

Lastly, the Moi en Mieux [Me, Only Better] section is dedicated to personal development, wellness and new therapies. 

An editorial line that is all about genuineness, caring and optimism