“We are a group of French entrepreneurs working with a start-up culture”

The future of the media lies in the diversification of their communication channels. Whether print, TV or anything else, no media today can afford to miss the digital revolution.

One an engineer, the other a man of the media, and both entrepreneurs at heart, we picked up on this need for change relatively early on, in 2012, with a media market shaped by the influence of increasingly connected readers.

We decided to invest in that market, bringing new life to recognised press titles to make them become, in just a few years’ time, more global, profitable and powerful media brands on the web, selecting for each brand the channels best-suited for addressing its readers, all the while maintaining high editorial standards. We have also invested in expertise (content production, non-media, technology) to bring into the Group a palette of comprehensive communication solutions enabling the brands to reach their consumers.


Many media groups have been trying to change their business models since then, and rightly so.

Our entrepreneurial approach has been the key to the Group’s success — and we remain entrepreneurs!


First of all, we give priority to innovation, essential and crucial in editorial formats, technology and business solutions. Each year, for instance, our teams conduct an average of one innovative project per month in areas as varied as voice assistance, the podcast format, tests with drones or virtual reality.


We are bold and dare to redesign our offers, for instance by integrating a media performance activity with Tradedoubler. We dare to rethink our methods by developing technology or reshaping our collaboration principles, as illustrated by our decision to share the company’s capital with our teams.

And we know how to be agile, as we are always ready to listen and have short decision-making channels: our teams are thus able to move quickly.


Audacity and agility are frequently heard and now commonplace terms, but truly are characteristic of a team of entrepreneurs. They are strengths that enable us to test, discard and develop in a very short period of time; a culture that accepts failure moves forward. The Group’s success stems above all from its team of top-level managers who, for eight years, have been building its success day after day with the employees, and who are key to the execution of our strategy.


In summer 2019, with the acquisition of Mondadori France, we crossed a major milestone. Reworld Media has integrated more than 30 new media brands, publishers of high-quality magazines, still not diversified or developed on the web. We have brought together the best of two worlds: very strong and recognised press and editorial expertise, and proven expertise in digital media opening the door to new media ecosystems.

Reworld Media today enjoys unrivalled brand power, a first-class technological platform and, on a rapidly growing digital media market… More than a media group, we are a leading communications group in France, expanding internationally… and we do not intend to stop there!


Pascal Chevalier, Chairman
Gautier Normand, Chief Executive Officer

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