Rules and General Terms and Conditions of Membership

Membership in the Reworld Media Shareholders’ Club implies acceptance of these general terms and conditions, governed by French law.


  1. Purpose of the Reworld Media Shareholders’ Club

The purpose of the Reworld Media Shareholders’ Club (the “Club”) is to enable its members to become more familiar with the Group, its business lines and company life. Free of charge and open to all individual shareholders of Reworld Media, the Club provides information and closer contact through such means as:

  • direct information by electronic means (press releases, letters to shareholders, annual financial reports, etc.)
  • invitations to information meetings in Paris and the regions, hosted by general and financial management
  • privileged access to a selection of products (sneak-peek introductions to new media, free subscriptions, invitations to certain major public events, etc.)
  • A dedicated section on the website with access restricted to Club members only


The information made available to members of the Shareholders’ Club is public information.

All communications from Club Actionnaires shall be in French.


  1. Club membership conditions


Any natural person, of legal age, French or foreign, holding at least one Reworld Media share registered in bearer or registered form, may join the Club.

Shares held in joint ownership shall grant entitlement to only one application for membership in the name of the joint ownership by the representative unanimously appointed by all members of the joint ownership. Only this representative, a natural person, may benefit from the Club’s services.

Membership in the Reworld Media Shareholders’ Club is optional and free of charge.

Registration is carried out on-line by filling out the Membership Form accessible on the website, by going to the “Investors” section, then “Shareholders’ Club”.


  • Shareholders holding bearer shares must include a certificate of ownership of Reworld Media shares less than 3 months old with their application for membership, which shall be delivered to them by their financial intermediary (electronic account statements and printouts of web pages are not accepted). This supporting document must be sent within 30 days of membership at the latest by post to the Shareholder Relations Department (8 rue Barthelemy Danjou, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt) – or by email to
  • Shareholders holding registered shares (listed in the company register) are not required to provide supporting documents.

Membership takes effect on the date of receipt of the membership confirmation as sent by the Shareholder Relations Department. It shall remain valid as long as the member meets the membership criteria stated above or has not applied for deregistration.

Shareholders holding bearer shares will be required to prove that they hold at least 1 Reworld Media share every year from the date of their membership.


  1. Conditions for withdrawal

Where a member no longer meets the conditions for membership of the Reworld Media Shareholders’ Club, or wishes to terminate membership, that member must address the relevant request to the Shareholder Relations Department as soon as possible by post or email. The member will lose Reworld Media Shareholders’ Club member status and will no longer be able to enjoy the services and benefits offered by the Club.

Reworld Media reserves the right, at any time, to verify that shareholders who are members of the Club meet the required conditions and may automatically terminate the membership of members of the Club who no longer meet the membership conditions.


  1. Right to access and correct information pertaining to Club members

Personal information collected by Reworld Media in the membership form may be subject to computerised processing, mainly for the following purposes: sending financial information to Club members, managing and running the Club (invitations, product offers, etc.). In addition, Reworld Media may be required to communicate data concerning Club members and any updates thereto to a service provider, for the sole purpose of subcontracting work entrusted to it in connection with any Club event.

In accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation, members of the Shareholders’ Club have the right to access, modify and delete data pertaining to them. To exercise this right, they need only send their request by post or e-mail to the Shareholder Relations Department. In this case, the Club undertakes to delete the data collected and will cease all communication.


  1. Obligations of Club members

The members of the Reworld Media Shareholders’ Club are in no way representatives of individual shareholders. They undertake not to use their capacity as a member of the Club for any purpose other than that of the Club and in particular not to avail themselves of their capacity as a member of the Club with the aim of securing a commercial and/or financial advantage other than the services offered within the framework of the Club.


  1. Amendment of these rules

Reworld Media reserves the right to modify these rules, the services offered and the conditions of membership of its Shareholders Club at any time. Any modification will be brought to the attention of the members, on the Reworld Media Shareholders’ Club website or by e-mail.


  1. Contact


The Reworld Media Shareholders’ Club may be contacted at the following address:


Reworld Media

Shareholder Relations Department

8 Rue Barthelemy Danjou, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt