Our group experienced a first half 2020 rich in developments and generated an increasing profitability despite an extremely negative economic environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We published consolidated financial statements showing very strong growth as of June 30, 2020. There is a significant scope effect in these figures, with Mondadori France’s assets being consolidated from August 1, 2019. Nevertheless, on a like-for-like basis, EBITDA is increasing and the group’s operating margin rose from 6.4% to 7.5% of sales. In terms of activity, our group recorded a content slowdown to -13%, mainly thanks to the resilience of digital revenues, the recurrence of its subscriber portfolio and its low exposure to the print advertising market.

We successfully completed the integration of Mondadori France assets and carried out a succession of launches over the semester: 10 new sites, 3 new media brands (Gueuleton, Bien à la Campagne, Dr Good Véto), 5 new print formulas, 5 thematic TV channels (Télé Star Play, Guerres & Histoire TV, Top Santé TV, Gourmand TV, Nous Deux TV…), more than 20 new podcast programs,…

These developments in content of all formats are essential to our strategy and all the more so as we are now accelerating in a double BtoC / BtoB model.

In the BtoC market, our strategy consists of an increased deployment of our contents and our services offering, in order to develop the number of our subscribers, increase our sales and the average basket. In BtoB, it is about the development and integration of AdTech solutions. We are deploying a high added value audience monetization offering, including performance, brand content and programmatic advertising.

Reworld Media has powerful assets to pursue this strategy with, among other things, the backing of its 48 media brands, a portfolio of 2.4 million paying subscribers, proven expertise in content production, AdTech and significant innovation capabilities.

Led by a team of around twenty managers with entrepreneurial souls and, always focused on external growth opportunities, our group is now taking a new course: one billion euros in turnover…

Pascal Chevalier,Chairman
Gautier Normand, Chief Executive Officer

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