Our Group posted an excellent First Half, both in terms of business and results.

The operational development dynamic driven over the past 18 months is delivering results, at a time when our markets are enjoying an improvement in the pandemic context.

Consumers were able to enjoy a series of new products during the Half Year, whether in content, thanks to new innovative offers, or in the products and services carried by our fast-growing media. The Group increased both its subscription business and the average monthly spend per subscription over the half-year through an increasingly broad range of offerings, in line with expectations.

Our media audience continues to stall, with a 25% increase over one year. The diversification of the offering to companies, including “live shopping” and new innovative AdTech solutions dedicated to the podcast or monetisation segments on the social media, is generating excellent initial results.

The respective developments of our BtoC and BtoB business divisions show that the strategy implemented one year ago was the right one.

In this very positive development trend, the Group posted organic growth of 13% over the Half Year with half-year revenue of €227.1 million. The BtoC Division, which accounts for just over half of the Group’s activity, grew by 3%; the BtoB Division grew by 28%, driven primarily by digital technologies.

Our Group combines growth and profitability with a significant increase of 5 points in EBITDA margin compared to the First Half of last year, which is spread across all activities.

It doubled its operating income and generated consolidated net income of more than €19 million. Unlike last year, the Half-Year financial statements do not show any non-recurring income, as the reorganisations stemming from asset acquisitions have been finalised.

With this solid performance, both in business and results, we continue to roll out our strategy without any slackening the pace!

We also continued to invest in the Events segment in the First Half of the year, increasing our stake in the capital of Hopscotch Groupe. With 27.75% of the Group’s capital, Reworld Media has become the largest shareholder in the French leader in events. The alliance between our two groups is strategic. In a market in the throes of transformation, the role of media groups is shifting and becoming broader.  While their primary purpose is information, they also serve as a contact point via advertising, as well as, today, a means of coming together that is gaining momentum. We want to grow on that segment.

In the coming months, we will extend that strategy forward, always giving priority to innovation.

Pascal Chevalier,Chairman
Gautier Normand, Chief Executive Officer

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