We share the values that drive us every day: daring, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, passion and performance. Visionaries, we believe that our mission is to reconcile the best of two worlds: that of the media with a demand for the production of quality content, and the world of technologies with solid know-how in digital publishing and data.


We have always believed in the future and potential of the media. The Group acquires high-profile magazines and develops an innovative digitisation strategy. It invests to diversify them and subsequently be able to constantly monitor and anticipate new media consumption habits.


We cultivate a start-up DNA that drives our teams to always look for the most effective solutions. Flexible and responsive, the Group’s organisation is constantly being adapted to the requirements of a changing communications market. At Reworld, we try ideas out, analyse, start over, and optimise.


We operate in 11  countries outside France, with teams based in Germany, Poland, Italy, Dubai, and Singapore among others. Together, these account for more than half of the Group’s media and marketing activities.


The group brings together 970 talents, all experts, with complementary profiles, driven by the same vision of the collective, recruited as much for their skills as for their state of mind. United around a single mindset that puts the interests of the company, enjoyment in the profession and a taste for challenges first. “Thinkers” and “Doers” share the same objectives day after day, until they exceed them!


Our talent policy is designed to find aptitudes as much as skills. Reworld Media is teeming with a wealth of profiles. The Group is a veritable hotbed of talent, where a good proportion of the workforce was trained in its profession by the many experts found in the Group. The company’s swift growth regularly brings about opportunities for development and job changes.

Facing Reworld Media makes CSR commitments