8 media brands

13.5 M copies sold/year*

3rd editorial offer on the thematic

12.7 M U.V./month****



“Style in ideas, ideas in style”

Synonymous with sass, style and avant-garde, Grazia is always on the move. Today it is a global media brand, which interacts with its community of readers on all touch points: print, digital, social, vocal, video, events…

Periodicity: 4 issues/year
Audience****: 3.4 M U.V./month on 3 devices
752,000 social media fans



“The magazine clicks!”

Biba is an energy boost, the media brand for positive change. Feet in reality, head in prospects and possibilities. Biba leaves the floor to the actors and actresses of change, to the influencers of the new world, to the personalities who motivate and help to think. Work, couple, family, fitness, good humor … Biba is also fashion and beauty, free, inclusive and committed. An ultra-desirable magazine, which gives the keys to bounce back in all areas of daily life. With one goal: always to move forward! By remaining ultra connected to its time, like its readers.In the same spirit, the special issue Biba Mum offers a practical, uninhibited and fun look at parenthood.

Editorial director : Karine Zagaroli – Editor in chief : Christine Régnier

Periodicity: monthly
Circulation*: 139,000 copies
Global audience**: 4.9 M French people/month
550,000 readers/month
4.4 M U.V./month on 3 devices
166,000 social media fans


marie france

“The key to your balance”

Close to women and their expectations, Marie France offers a real well-being meeting in all its forms: beauty, fashion, health, fitness, nutrition, psychology, culture, lifestyle … Positive and always benevolent, the brand supports quadrangles assumed and fulfilled in search of meaning and balance in every moment of their life as a woman. A Marie France Asia site is also aimed at all women in the Southeast Asia region.

Editorial director: Aude Bunetel – Editor-in-chief : Céline Augier

Periodicity: monthly
Circulation*: 82,000 copies
Global audience** : 5.7 M French people/month
3443,000 readers/month
5.4 M U.V./month on 3 devices
70,000 social media fans



“The site for all the latest fashion and beauty trends, sex tips and articles that stir up a buzz”

A Be Asia version is also offered to young women in the Southeast Asia region.



“The engaged and positive women’s media”

With an inclusive, caring and quirky tone, Peaches deciphers all the fashion, beauty, culture, gaming and lifestyle trends. Present on all platforms, to accompany young women every day and wherever they are, Peaches leads a committed community on social networks.

Audience manager: Ludivine LE GOFF

Audience: 6 million Facebook fans
60,000 followers on Instagram.


Modes & Travaux

“Get inspired, create, consume, share”

Modes & Travaux is a practical feminine specialist in fashion, do it yourself, decoration and cooking. It fits perfectly into the trend of “do it yourself”, upcycling and eco-responsibility in the broad sense of the term. It is an inspirational magazine for those who wish to carry out original creative projects in sewing, embroidery, knitting, DIY, DIY, custom, cooking … Modes & Travaux is also full of good ideas, tips, advice and decryption of new trends in fashion, decoration, cooking, All in a light tone, uninhibited, friendly and easy to approach.

Editor-in-chief : Stéphanie Morange-Dupuy

Periodicity: monthly
Circulation* : 221,000 copies
Audience: 1.7 M readers/month***
324,000 U.V./month on 3 devices****
365,000 social media fans


Nous Deux

“The brand of romantic romance”

Nous Deux is the 1st women’s magazine with affinity for working women aged 35-64 and 50-69. It invites you to dream with romantic fiction (short stories and photo novels) and offers practical pages with its feminine magazine section (fashion, beauty, cooking, escape, etc.).

In may 2020, Nous Deux TV was created with more than 100 programs and unlimited new events every month: series, films, documentaries, recipes. This is a SVOD OTT offer available online and in the package.

Editorial director: Stéphanie Pic – Editor-in-chief : Annie Viaud

Periodicity: weekly
Circulation*: 158,000 copies
Audience***: 1.3 M readers/month
21,000 social media fans


Les Veillées des Chaumières

“Sharing presence, complicity and friendship”

Created in 1877, the magazine Les Veillées des Chaumières devotes its pages to reading in all its forms: soap operas, short stories, poems … It is also enriched with articles on culture, history, but also health practices or gardening.

Editorial director: Stéphanie Pic – Editor-in-chief : Annie Viaud

Periodicity: weekly

SOURCES : (*) Circulation ACPM OJD DFP DSH – 2021 (average data over 12 months). (**) Audience Brand ACPM One Next Global – 2021 v4 Brand 30 days. (***) Audience Print One Next 30 days – 2021 v4. (****) Digital MNR Internet Global audience of january 2022. NB: number of fans on social networks – septembre 2021.


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