4 media brands

1.2 M copies sold/year

990,000 U.V./month



“Cook as you like!”

Friendly and accomplice, Gourmand offers the right balance between pleasure and nutrition for an audience looking for simple and tasty recipes based on seasonal products. Also on the program: quick and accessible menus, articles on current consumer topics (with a new section “Un monde qui bouge”), product tests, reports on the greatest know-how of the French region, nutrition advice and news on new health products.

 Editorial director: Marie Vendittelli

Periodicity: monthly

Circulation*: 88,000 copies

Audience****: 990,000 U.V./month on 3 devices
111,000 social media fans



“The magazine of the good living”

To read Gueuleton is to roam freely, according to appetites and encounters. The reader will recognize throughout the magazine the identity of Gueuleton made of humor, authenticity and by finding local people who love life!

Editor-in-chief: Tancrede de la morinerie

Periodicity: quarterly

Periodicity: 1.1 M social media fans



“The wine reviewed”

Tanin breaks the codes and adopts a direct tone to address a connoisseur reader, who loves good wine, but not only, and who will like to know more about its entire ecosystem. Unique in its universe, Tanin stands out at first glance and from its first lines. The magazine combines cheerfulness, elegance, discovery and practicality with the desire to be entertaining and educational.

Editor-in-chief: Gabrielle Vizzavona

Periodicity: quarterly


Vital Food

“The cooking magazine that responds to the new culinary concerns of women”

For women who lead an active and family life, Vital Food makes it possible to reconcile “eating well” and gluttony, with a goal of overall well-being. Following the seasons, the magazine offers easy and balanced recipes. Vital Food adopts new staging, associated with an uninhibited, original and modern tone, initiating a new generation of cooking magazine.

Editorial director: Céline Augier – Editor-in-chief: Carole Garnier

Periodicity: quarterly

Circulation*: 45,000 copies

Audience: 102,000 social media fans

SOURCES : (*) Circulation ACPM OJD DFP DSH – 2021 (average data over 12 months). (**) Audience Brand ACPM One Next Global – 2021 v4 Brand 30 days. (***) Audience Print One Next 30 days – 2021 v4. (****) Digital MNR Internet Global audience of january 2022. NB: number of fans on social networks – septembre 2021.
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