The launch of NEORURO Magazine – The magazine for those who are happily transitioning to the countryside

Press release – 13 April 2021

The launch of NEORURO Magazine – The magazine for those who are happily transitioning to the countryside

Reworld Media announces the arrival of NEORURO magazine in news-stands on Thursday 15 April 2021.

The only magazine positioned on the theme “a new life in the countryside”, NEORURO was born of a pronounced movement in the French population, which gained magnitude with the health situation. These new beginnings spark remarkable, inspiring stories but also countless questions before they can start. Reworld Media has decided to dedicate a magazine to this back-to-nature trend.

The periodical is dedicated to new lives “in the countryside” offering inspiration, insights and solutions

Each year, 100,000 city dwellers opt for a radical lifestyle change[1]. But how many more only dream of doing so?

NEORURO will be the media for those families: the men and women dreaming of another life away from the big cities.

NEORURO has set out three editorial purposes:

  • To inspire: by combining a positive vision with thought pieces on major societal issues, to spark the desire to make the move and begin a life in the countryside.
  • To explain: through pragmatic content that is concurrently concrete, detailed and educational, so that anyone can see themselves setting their ideas in motion.
  • To share: through testimonials and portraits, the stage is given to people who are living the dream, with its successes and failures, while experts in the field (elected representatives, associations, institutions, etc.) chiming in.

At a time when living away from the city is seen as the “ideal life” by 81% of the French, and with the public health crisis having stirred 1 in 10 French people the desire to settle in the countryside[2],

NEORURO is coming on the scene: a premium quarterly magazine of some 100 pages to support these families, couples, etc. in making their dream come true.

“NEORURO is part of solution-based journalism, which stands out for its genuineness and numerous real-life accounts. It is also a magazine that lets dreams loose, with original life stories and concrete examples in which readers might see a bit of themselves. We wanted to create a magazine the strengths of which would be humour, joviality and happiness regained. The editorial team went out to meet people all across France who have left the big cities behind. Choosing to live in the provinces is a real challenge, often an undertaking that involves the whole family, and in which everyone is intent on bringing meaning back their lives. NEORURO talks about those who leave for the country, but also those at their destination, who welcome them. Full of tips to help people better integrate and live more harmoniously together, through interviews with mayors, shop owners, artisans and freelancers, NEORURO gives a voice to those who live this dynamic day in and day out. To take this idea even further, we are now working on the launch of the Neoruro Show in 2022!”, says Tancrède de La Morinerie, Editorial Director.

The line-up for NEORURO, a new life in the countryside

NEORURO sets the stage from the very first pages. Through its “Partage” [Sharing] section, the magazine offers a great breath of fresh air with real-life experiences told by Parisians who took the plunge after many years in the hustle and bustle of France’s capital city. A perfect illustration of a life project turned reality.

The magazine proceeds with a series of captivating sections:

> The “DOSSIER” [SPECIAL REPORT] opens with « Ces familles qui l’ont fait » [Families Who Have Made the Move] more than twenty pages devoted to couples and families who decided to take the plunge, like Antoine and Hanh-Claire, now established with their 5 children in Charente-Maritime or Didier and Emmanuelle, creators of an eco-estate in Ille-et-Vilaine — and many more…. In « L’analyse de la rédac’ » [Editorial Analysis] the editorial team looks at these decisions under the microscope. It is also here that elected representatives are given the floor, exploring topics such as ecology, integration, etc.

> In « ZOOM TERRITOIRES » [A Close-Up on the Regions], readers of this 1st issue are invited to experience the Sarthe, a land of hospitality. Testimonials about rural living, the remote working experience, interviews with a local representative on the objectives of the region, cultural programming, etc. as well as a special report, « Habiter » [Residential Living] which offers a complete analysis of the real estate market in medium-sized cities.

> « ENTREPRENDRE » [Entrepreneurship] meanwhile explores professions, because a new life often begins with a new job! In this first issue, the focus will be on finding one’s passion in the world of artisanry, from initial training up to financing for personal endeavours. Investigative articles and reports are offered to introduce cutlery, soap making and even sylvotherapy in the section « On a testé pour vous » [Tested by our Teams for You]. This sequence offers tips – Le Jardin des néo-ruraux” [The Neo-Rurals’ Garden], and shopping/practical guides.

Price: €5.90
Frequency: Quarterly
1st-issue run: 60,000 ex.
Target: Men and women > 35 years 

[1] IFOP survey for Familles Rurales – April 2019 « les territoires ruraux : perceptions et réalités de vie » [“rural lands: perceptions and realities of life”]

[2] Reconf’Insights survey, Reworld MediaConnect – November 2020