Reworld Media enters the capital of Hopscotch Group

Reworld Media enters the capital of Hopscotch Group


Reworld Media (ALREW) has acquired a minority stake in Hopscotch Group (HOP) with the aim of cementing the strategic partnership established between the French leader in thematic media and the French leader in public relations, influence and events. 

Reworld Media announces its acquisition of a 13.5% stake in the capital of Hopscotch Group (HOP), specifically 10.5% from Lionel Chouchan, and 3% from Frédéric Bedin, Benoit Desveaux and Pierre-Franck Moley, the three members of the Executive Board. In view of the stake it already owned, Reworld Media now holds 15.53% of the capital and 9.62% of the voting rights in Hopscotch Group.

The investment decision was sparked by the coming together of entrepreneurial minds with a shared taste for innovation and the desire to take advantage of this crisis to speed up the transformation of the communication, events and marketing businesses. The two groups operate in complementary worlds – media and events – sharing the same strategy of digitisation and creation of content dedicated to specific communities. 

Reworld Media built itself up with the aspiration to diversify media brands by creating digital content and service platforms, now deployed across 47 proprietary media brands. Hopscotch Group, meanwhile, has combined and digitised public relations, influence-building and events to build and preserve its customers’ relationship capital.

It is the endeavour of both groups to swiftly develop offers without parallel on the market by uniting their expertise in the fields of content creation, events and digital. To illustrate, the two Groups wish to create events dedicated to communities around media brands, or for instance invent new event formats for corporate and general audiences.

This transaction will create a real opportunity for the Marketing and Communication Departments, bringing them innovation means to address issues in the throes of constant change.

This undertaking will also make it possible for the two groups, which conduct 30 to 40% of their business internationally, to combine their strengths in the main countries and continents to be alongside their customers in their deployment. Hopscotch Group brings to the table the thirty global sites of the Sopexa network, and Reworld Media, its digital platform operating in 83 countries.

Furthermore, Pascal Chevalier (Chairman of Reworld Media) is expected to join the Hopscotch Group Supervisory Board.

“This alliance will allow us to develop more quickly events such as the Paris Motion Festival, the World Motor Show or Taste Week. To implement the project, a dedicated team will be formed, including experts from both groups. Reworld Media is clearly a media group of the future, which has successfully revitalised legacy brands through technology. Our ambition is to invent together relationship systems with all the audiences that will be born from both the current crisis and the digital transformation that follows”Frédéric Bedin, Chairman of the Executive Board of Hopscotch Group.

“Non-media has always been a strong thrust in our strategy to diversify our media brands. Together, we will develop new concepts with high added value for our customers in terms of performance and ROI. The projects are coming hard and fast, which is extremely motivating for our teams and a great opportunity for all our customers” – Pascal Chevalier, President of Reworld Media.