In First Half 2019, we completed our largest external growth operation, with the acquisition of Mondadori France. This operation mobilised significant internal resources for several months and was ultimately signed on 31 July.

It was a major event in the company’s life; Reworld Media has become the French leader in thematic media, the leading publisher of thematic press and the fourth largest thematic media group in digital [*].

Up to that point, we held 11 proprietary media brands — we now have more than 40!

What’s more, the brands that just joined us publish particularly potent magazines, through the quality of their content and the expertise of their editorial teams.

Our legacy brands, previously present mainly through their magazines, have developed a significant audience in digital. Having successfully taken up the challenge it set for itself at the start, the Group is eyeing a new horizon with new brands, the digital presence of which remains relatively limited.

Over and above the business dimension, the acquisition of Mondadori France is accretive for the shareholder and does not entail any dilution, having been financed by debt.

The Group has more than tripled its turnover, and remains profitable, while the historical financial performance of both entities offers reassurance as we continue this strategy.

This acquisition enables Reworld Media to become a major player in Europe: it is a new driving force, and a source of pride for the teams.

The Group has entered a new stage of development on a digital media market that is still experiencing strong growth.

Pascal Chevalier,Chairman
Gautier Normand, Chief Executive Officer

[*] Diffusion moyenne par parution, OJD 2018 – Mediametrie – Juin 2019

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