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60 M copies sold / year
8.2M U.V./month



« Closer, a magazine that sparks new desires!»

Exclusive and varied content on current events, people, fashion and beauty. Closer is a real source of inspiration and entertainment for women.

Editor in chief : Benjamin Dargent

Periodicity : Weekly

Circulation  * : 197,000 copies

Audience ** : 9M french people/month
5M readers/month
6.2M U.V./month on 3 devices
375,000 social media fans


Télé star

«Télé Star, the television magazine women prefer»

To find out all about TV news, stars, behind the scenes. Grills of full programs, surveys, polls on the world of TV but also health, beauty and cooking sections.

Since July 2020, Télé Star has been available on TV with Télé Star Play, a SVOD service available at https://play.telestar.fr/FR/ and in the https://www.watch-it.tv/fr/home package There is unlimited access to more than 100 programs and many new features every month: shows, reality TV programs, series, films, documentaries, many scoops and behind-the-scenes shots of favorite movies, TV movies and series such as “Home” by Yann Arthus Bertrand, “Aqashow” with Aqababe, “Zero Complex” with Loana, “Money Power Respect”, etc.

Editor in chief : Linda Bouras

Periodicity : Weekly

Circulation * : 692,000 copies

Audience Print + Digital ** : 6.6M french people/month
3.6M readers /month
3.6M U.V./month on 3 devices
500,000 social media fans


Télé Poche

« Télé Poche, the magazine that speaks to the whole family! »

Télé Poche decrypts the world of TV with varied and illustrated subjects. A practical format, complete programs, practical pages for better consumption, a humor section … make it the favorite TV magazine for the whole family

Editor in chief : Linda Bouras

Periodicity : Weekly

Circulation * : 343,000 copies

Audience ** : 2.1M readers/month
17,000 social media fans


Télé Magazine

«Télé Magazine, the weekly brought to you from the heart of the consumer world. »

The only TV magazine sold in supermarkets, as close as possible to the act of purchase. Télé Magazine deals with topical TV subjects intended for young households: a complete program schedule with all the programs in HD, but also consumer and leisure subjects, lifestyle seduce all family members, including children.

 Publishing Director: Karine Zagaroli

Periodicity : Weekly

Circulation * : 125,000 copies

Audience ** : 1.5M readers/month
185,000 social media fans


Disney Fun

« Magic Disney »

Disney Fun is jointly published by DISNEY HACHETTE PRESSE and REWORLD MEDIA.

  Publishing Director : Karine Zagaroli

Periodicity : Bi-monthly

Circulation * :  51,436 copies


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