9 media brands

15 M copies sold / year*

1st automotive editorial offer

8,7 M U.V./month****


Auto Plus

“The number 1 auto media brand”

Auto Plus is the benchmark brand in the automotive world. Faithful to its consumerist vocation, it is a real buying guide with its used pages and its tests/matches carried out by its independent lab. With its “anti-PV information”, its sections “the office of checks” or “the coach Auto Plus”, it sheds light on the new laws, denounces scams and supports the reader in his life as a motorist. The brand is also available in versions “Classic”, “Used”, “Green”, “Utilities”, “Crossovers” and with the Buyer’s Guide.

Editor-in-chief: Nicolas Bernard

Periodicity: weekly

Circulation*: 241,000 copies

Global audience**: 5.9 M French people/month
3.9 M readers/month
2.6 M U.V./month on 3 devices
548,000 social media fans



“The media brand for all automotive pleasures”

Help in choosing mid-range and top-of-the-range cars, preview news, complete tests carried out on the road and circuit, exclusive surveys on the automotive industry… L’Auto-Journal has been recognized for 70 years for its expertise and also available with L’Auto-Journal 4×4 Evasion.

Editor-in-chief: Jean-Eric Raoul

Periodicity: bimonthly
Circulation*: 83,000 copies
Audience: 1.5 M readers/month***
2 M U.V./month on 3 devices****


L’Auto-Journal Evasion & 4×4

“L’Auto-Journal’s expertise in crossover and leisure vehicle testing”

A variation of L’Auto-Journal which establishes the SUV as a true art of living. It is intended for hedonistic, freedom-loving CSP ++ readers. L’Auto-Journal Evasion & 4×4 aims to inform the reader about all crossover and luxury leisure vehicles, with the most complete test benches in the automotive press.

Editor-in-chief: Olivier Bernis

Periodicity: quarterly

Circulation* : 22,000 copies


Sport Auto

“The leading media brand about exceptional cars”

Since 1962, the Sport Auto brand has been dedicated to lovers of exceptional cars. Sports preview tests, road or circuit comparisons, super racing cars have made its reputation. Sport Auto is also the expert in motor racing with key themes (F1, rally, WEC, Formula E, etc.) and full points on major races.

Editor-in-chief : Jean-Eric Raoul

Periodicity: monthly
Circulation*: 39,000 copies
Audience: 519,000 readers/month***
293,000 U.V./month on 3 devices****
107,000 social media fans


Media 365

Sports news and live results: football, tennis, F1, cycling

The 365 brand is present with several reference sites, namely sport365.fr for sport, football365.fr for football, but also rugby365.fr for everything relating to the ovalia.

Editorial manager: Hassen Ferroukhi

Audience: 3.5 M U.V./month on 3 devices****
332,000 social media fans



“General portal on sports news”

All sports news: football, basketball, NBA, rugby, tennis …

Editorial manager: Hassen Ferroukhi

Audience: 4.4 M U.V./month on 3 devices****
563,000 social media fans



“All football news”

Website specialised in football news since 2000.

Editorial manager: Hassen Ferroukhi

Audience: 446,000 U.V./month on 3 devices****
3.7 M social media fans



“Algerian football news site”

Founded in 1999, dzfoot.com specializes in Algerian football news, it is today the leader in Algeria in the football field.

Editorial manager: Hassen Ferroukhi

Audience : 1.1 social media fans



The 1st French-language news website on Formula 1

F1i is the reference site for Formula 1, with all the information on teams, drivers, grand prix, circuits…

Editor-in-chief : Pierre Van Vliet

Audience: 100,000 social media fans

SOURCES : (*) Circulation ACPM OJD DFP DSH – 2021 (average data over 12 months). (**) Audience Brand ACPM One Next Global – 2021 v4 Brand 30 days. (***) Audience Print One Next 30 days – 2021 v4. (****) Digital MNR Internet Global audience of january 2022. NB: number of fans on social networks – septembre 2021.

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