4 media brands

8 M copies sold/year*

7 M U.V./month****


Top Santé

“The leading multi-channel health and well-being media brand”

A brand of commitment with strong biases to guide its readers, a brand of prevention through alternative medicine and nutrition, Top Santé is extending its multi-channel reach (podcasts, TV, trophies) to deepen its editorial mission.

Top Santé TV is the only TV channel dealing with health and wellness topics. The channel answers viewers’ questions, while supporting them on a daily basis through some twenty programs (talks, reports, documentaries, series, shows, etc.). It relies on a dedicated team of journalists and experts (including Dr. François Sarkozy and Dr. Serge Hefez) and provides daily news. Created in September 2020, Top Santé TV is a TV and SVOD Offer available online and from operators.The brand is also available with Homeophyto.com, a reference information site in the world of homeopathy, phytotherapy and complementary medicine.

Editorial director: Céline Augier – Editor in chief : Mickaelle Bensoussan

Periodicity: monthly

Circulation*: 202,000 copies

Global audience**: 7.2 M french people/month
1.9 M readers/month
5.7 M U.V./month on 3 devices


Pleine Vie

“Values, sharing and energy”

Freedom, vitality, proximity. The media brand for women aged 50 and over, active, connected, prescribing desires, ideas and experiences for a daily life that has meaning.

Editorial director: Stéphanie Pic – Editor-in-chief: Eric Pavon

Periodicity: monthly

Circulation*: 446,000 copies

Global audience**: 3 M french people/month
1.6 M readers/month
1.5 M U.V./month on 3 devices



“The beauty, fitness and well-being brand for active 30s”

Vital is the brand of the new lifestyle of active thirties: it helps them get back in shape and guides them in the choices related to their sporting activity, to reconcile active life and healthy life, urban life and well-being, to adopt balanced nutrition, let go and no longer stress.

Editorial director: Céline Augier – Editor in chief : Christelle Mosca

Periodicity: bimonthly

Circulation*: 34,000 copies
71,000 social media fans



“It has never been so easy to consult”.

TherHappy.com’s vocation: to make psychology accessible to everyone through an online service useful at different times of life. By relying on cheerful and soft graphic codes, the platform highlights its benevolent, positive, optimistic and reassuring approach. TherHappy is a new way of consulting online: simpler, more flexible and more practical (in complete confidentiality by video, telephone or chat, depending on availability). With professionals who listen: expertise is a must, TherHappy psychologists are all ARS approved and registered in the national directory of psychologists ADELI.

Audience manager: Rachida FERET

SOURCES : (*) Circulation ACPM OJD DFP DSH – 2021 (average data over 12 months). (**) Audience Brand ACPM One Next Global – 2021 v4 Brand 30 days. (***) Audience Print One Next 30 days – 2021 v4. (****) Digital MNR Internet Global audience of january 2022. NB: number of fans on social networks – septembre 2021.
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