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Reworld Media group offers brands expertise that meets all of their communication needs.

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Atelier.b is the audiovisual content creation studi

We started out producing content for our own media, with the aim of building an audience and engagement.

Today, we put our expertise to work for advertisers, so that their content is more widely consumed and shared.

We now produce more than 2000 pieces of content each year, offering our customers engaging and high-impact formats: Advertising, Reporting, Animation, Tutorials, TV shows, etc.

At the studio, we make our two TV and fiction production studios available to all our clients.

We are currently developing a wide range of video formats for the social media networks (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat): top-down formats, tutorials, live broadcasts, cinematic, etc.

We have all the editorial and technical expertise needed in-house to provide support to our customers in their digital communication campaigns

atelierB rond

Content Squad

A content production agency that has been providing support to media, internet/mobile operators, portals and brands in their BtoC and BtoB content strategies for more than 20 years


We draw on our experience and expertise in content production, offering each brand strategic support so that you can build effective presence, also pooling the costs for each of your projects.

CONTENT SQUAD brings together each area of expertise developed in recent years by Reworld Media in producing editorial and video content around more than 20 themes, including automotive, motorcycling, women’s (beauty, fashion, well-being, etc.), kitchen, home (deco, DIY, gardening, renovation, etc.) and entertainment (sport, eSport, celebrities, cinema/TV, discovery & escape travel). These themes can be accessed via the catalogue (syndication), or made-to-measure (custom publishing, brand content), and are produced by in-house editors as well as a network of image journalist-reporters from across France and Africa, who produce more than 6,000 new content items each month”.


Jungle Natives

 Jungle Natives is a consulting and advertising agency specialising in e-Sports and Gaming

The agency is dedicated to supporting advertisers and rights-holders from the sporting world as they enter and take the stage on the e-sports market, by providing them with:

– Pinpointed expertise and strategic advice,

– Innovative and disruptive ideas for marketing campaigns and plans

– Support in sponsoring and related activations

– Premium audiovisual production quality (live and VOD)


Event Flow

Event Agency

EVENT FLOW offers integrating smart content and audience intelligence, using the media created by digital, print and event T and the expertise of REWORLD MEDIA Group’s 42 brands. These thematic media operations are single-title or white label, B2B or B2B2C, and are always analysed by our brands, whether print and digital, using audience metrics. The ultimate touchstone comes with the face-to-face meeting that will materialise the campaign and form additional content to be broadcast. Our businesses, the audiences reached by our titles and the expertise of our editorial teams combine to take you to your goals.

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